Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Tuesdays are such "normal" days. The new week started yesterday. Its not close enough to the end of the week to be anything excited there. It is a week day, so something should be made of it.

So far, my Tuesday is working out nicely. Its only 930 am, so who knows what the day will really bring. I've got my coffee, I've watered all the porch plants. I harvested a cucumber, two cherry tomatoes and a green bean.

My sunburn from yesterday's swim lessons has fade quite a bit (using the 45 today, not the 15). Honestly, I think the sunscreen was just old. Its worked for my mornings outside in the garden, but when put to the test for 1 pm, 2 pm and 330 pm swimming lessons, it pooped out. We purged all the old sunscreen lotions, and only kept the newest bottles. My Dad suggested getting some SF 75 or 85; but denim has an SPF of 60. And denim is cheaper, I think; though swimming in denim doesn't sound so nice.

I've been inspired by Soule Mama and Hana to attempt the making of some summer outfits and tops. I love wearing a sari after being all hot and sweaty in the garden, or after being in the sun (and getting all hot and sweaty). I get a nice, cool shower, lotion up and lounge in the wrapping of a big piece of fabric. You wrap the fabric around you and then fold down the top to keep it on. I'm not very adept at getting it folded right and I'm always having to re-fold the sari to keep it up. Thus, around the house only. But I want more options of tops and dresses, and ones I can wear out of the house. So, I have begun the process. I drew some pictures, and I thinking about the parts. Luckily, I've sewed clothes before (years ago), so I have some ideas of the bits and pieces. I have some $1/yd fabric to start with, and I can always turn it into.... something else, if it doesn't work. I will chronicle the adventure at The Creative Streak.

I feel like there is much more I should offer updates on: knitting, garden, cooking. My summer has officially started, so I should be intentional about all this. Yes, yes, I'm very much a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. But I'm okay with that, I think... no, its true thats who I incline towards being, but I really want to be master of some trade. Now, to figure out which one.

Oh, readers, what are you inclined towards? what does life require of you? Do you dabble in a great many different things, or do you delve fully and completely into one? Do you think one way is better than the other? What is necessary for living the independent life? What is merely sufficient for living the independent life?


  1. Have fun with the sewing project! I dabble in a great many things .. mostly I study up and then practice a few times until I can make something from memory. I've gotten good with making buttermilk,kefir & yogurt. Bread is a hobby as well. Now I'm going to start making pasta. Have a good start to the summer.

  2. I have the same problem of being Jack of all trades, master of none.
    Although I've already decided the one I want to be master of. Sewing and patternmaking seems to be complex enough to satisfy my needs...


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