Friday, September 23, 2011

Pizza... yum....

The pizza party at Shory's has been extended to include lunch!

Come and party with us, to celebrate Leah Grace's new heart....

Here's the invite:


Celebration at Shorty's Pizza Shack! Come and join us as we celebrate Leah Grace Parker's new heart!  We will have  free Shorty's pizza, a sparkling kid-friendly toast, and a night of games and fun.  You may also purchase from Shorty's full menu and enjoy the regular Monday night specials until closing time!  SHORTY HAS JUST EXPANDED the offer to include lunch!  If anyone cannot come at dinner, feel free to come, donate, and eat pizza during lunch!

Now that Leah Grace has her new heart, she also has new expenses. Please come prepared to give!  We are suggesting a minimum donation of $20 per person to help us reach our goal for Leah Grace.  A generous donor has covered the cost of the party, so 100% of the money you donate will go to COTA to help Leah Grace cover transplant-related expenses.  We will accept cash and checks the night of the party, and will have a laptop there to facilitate secure, online donations.

Parking is limited at Shorty's, so please walk, park on the street, or park a half block down 12th at HEB, if you can.  Also, please vote on the poll below for a time slot to let us know when you think you will be there, so we can have some pizza ready!  Thank you!

See you on the 26th!

If you can't come, please still give!  Your secure, tax-deductible, online donations are greatly appreciated:

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