Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -- Sept 22

Its been weeks since I've participated in a {PHFR}. Nonetheless, here I am, ready to try again!


The other night, it rained. And then it rained again the next night. That second night, we got nearly 3" of rain! And we have a chance of rain (or did last time I was listening to the radio) today, and the clouds suggest we might get a few sprinkles. We are a long ways from "breaking the drought", but this is a start.


And of course, as I'm getting better about hanging the clothes out to dry, the sky looks like rain.  I'm gonna see how much I can reduce our expenditures by, as I'd rather spend money on books and sorts than on electricity. Avoiding the dryer is one small step towards that goal.


Peanut has decided that his toes are excellent chewing and sucking objects. He is most prone towards this when he is getting a diaper changed (and I'm holding his legs up to clean the bum), or diaper-less (to let his bum air dry). His dexterity is such that he can grab a foot and bring it to his mouth now.


I tend to imagine the {Real} picture as something hard or difficult, or not totally happy.  But... its 1:30 pm, and its not quite 80' out. That is amazing. This a certified cold-front! (Yes, we celebrate the "cold" fronts, even though "cold" means it drops below 90').

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round button chicken

P.S. And one of these days, I'll have it together enough to put up a {PHFR} before the afternoon on a Thursday.

P.S.S.  Happy 4 years anniversary to Dad and Lorelei!

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