Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Days like this

Do you have days where you just don't want to do anything, but read and chill out?  Yes, its that kind of day for me. I think Hubby is having a similar day. Its not that life has been too crazy of late, though its been busy. Perhaps it has something to do with the two new teeth Peanut has. The first one came in quickly, and fairly painlessly -- based on his lack of fussiness. This second one has taken a fair bit longer and he is far unhappier.

Tooth #1:
Peanut had a hard time going down for a nap and then bed time. Next day, hard nap time during morning, and new tooth appeared in the afternoon. All good from there.

Tooth #2:
Fussy-fussy on Sunday... and Monday... and Tuesday. Hard time going for naps. Low grade fever on Monday. Tooth seems to be making an appeared now, Wednesday morning. Still generally unhappy.

I'm thankful for Tylenol, and plastic rings.

Sorry, no tooth view here. He really is not interested in showing off those new teeth.

And now, today, I desire to be lazy. Luckily, there are only a few things that *need* to be done today.

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  1. Oh, I remember the days of teething babies.... we affectionately called our babies "hip warts" at that stage... they constantly wanted to be carried around and soothed :) Tiring - oh yes.... fortunately, it will pass and he'll settle down again into his predicable routine...

    Rest up! :)


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