Wednesday, October 19, 2011


You might remember several months ago, I wrote about a weekly routine and commented that laundry needed no real routine as I didn't have that much to do. I was wrong, very wrong.

I realized quickly that I had an under estimated view of our laundry production and I was actually doing quite a bit more than a mere 4 loads a week. I do closer to 8 to 10 loads a week.  Currently, my routine goes something like this:
Monday -- diapers, light clothes, dark clothes, towels (4 loads)
Wednesday -- diapers, light clothes, dark clothes, sheets (4 loads)
Friday -- diapers (1 load)

I've got some laundry line up on the porch that I've used some to dry laundry and I'd like to use it more. But when I'm doing 4 loads in a day, there just isn't enough room to hand everything. And now that its cooler, it takes longer for clothes to dry. Plus, with both Peanut and Little Bobble, I find it hard to get out to hand clothes and then take them down. What's a girl to do?

Here's what I'd like... diapers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; clothes on Monday and Thursday; towels and sheets on Friday. And if I'm to hand stuff to dry, I need a lot more line. Maybe I can put the lines closer together to fit more lines on the pergola? Perhaps. Maybe I aim to at least get the routine right this week.

We figured, based on a website, that drying 1 load of laundry is about $0.30. Diapers take longer, so they cost more, I'm sure. If I line dry all our laundry, that saves about $3 a week in electricity. Not a negligible savings, I don't think, but I also don't feel bad about using the dryer when I'm feeling tired, crazy or overwhelmed.

Peanut really enjoyed Sujatha, as well, who is Srinivas's wife. We had a great time with them.

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