Sunday, October 09, 2011

Oh, is it raining!

We have prayed for rain nearly every night since last March or April.

It feels quite amazing when your prayers get answered.

The rain gauge is reading 4 inches and its still raining. Its not a crazy fast rain, which is nice, but hard enough that its really cooled everything off.

Thank you, Lord. You remind us of what a blessing something as simple as rain is when we've gone without. Thank you that this wasn't a crazy 3 year drought (2 Kings... think Elijah vs. Prophets of Baal).

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  1. So incredibly happy for you! The air must smell so fresh :) 4 inches is a good amount... especially if it's not coming down in sheets. What a relief - it must be SO DRY there with all the heat you had. Rejoicing with you!


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