Saturday, October 08, 2011

Officially Frustrated

Yes, I am.

See, I purposed obtained 4 boxes of Kellogg's Mini Wheat (which I do like) for the codes to get a free up to $5 book from Sweet.

I got enough codes for 2 coupons. At $5 a coupon, that's $10. Not bad.

I found 2 books, board books, that were each less than $5, added them to the cart. I got through the process of address, etc, and get to adding the promotion codes. And it only lets me add 1 code. Yep, seems I have to order the books separately, which means paying shipping twice.

And because I was a teacher before, its all screwy and keeps wanting to know my current school. Or the school my child attends... so, I registered as a teacher of a homeschool -- but it can't find my school, so I can't order today. Argh.

Scholastic -- why are you making this so difficult? I just want a couple of fun books for my little boy.

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