Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Resolutions

We've got about 1 1/2 weeks till 2012 is upon us, and I've only begun thinking about goals for 2012. I'm a big time goal setter -- evidence here.

I saw this... and it intrigues me... (from

I, ________, take the Seamless pledge until __________________. I will abstain from buying any new clothes until the end of my pledge. I will find ways to be fashionable without breaking the bank and without contributing to the cycle of fast fashion consuming the high street. I will trawl through charity shops, I will attend clothes swaps, I will look for second-hand items on eBay and I will craft my own clothes with my own two hands.

  1. No buying new clothes for the duration of your pledge. By new, I mean any new mass-manufactured clothes.
  2. You can buy second-hand manufactured clothes – so be prepared to get to know your local charity shops awfully well.
  3. Vintage clothing is a-ok!
  4. Anything you’ve made by hand is definitely allowed. Get your sewing machines and your kntting needles out, because handmade is definitely in!
  5. Get involved! Join in on the Flickr group and like our Facebook page. I’ll be looking to feature pledgers on the blog in the future. I’d love to see your second-hand finds, refashions and hand-made creations!
I am so very tempted to go for it, but I doubt my ability. See, I almost never buy clothes. Its not that I just don't have the money, though I am a tightwad, its just that it isn't a positive experience, and I don't think of it until there is something I *need*. For example, I recently purchased 1 pair of blue jeans, and 4 3/4 length (sleeves) tops to round out my new uniform -- blue jeans, long sleeve shirt, tank top and cardigan. 

But I have a week and some before I *must* decide on goals for Jan, and I think I should have till Feb before I *must* decide on goals for 2012. And for all those who think "why make goals?", I am utterly aimless without them. And I really. don't. like. being. aimless.

What's a goal that you are thinking about for 2012, but are unsure about? Or maybe you've got your 2012 goals all figured out?

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