Thursday, December 08, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Goodness, been weeks since I've done one of these! Bad, Rachael, Bad. But then, my life is rather rote these days. Enjoyable, but mundane.


These were utterly delicious! Its the dough recipe from LittleHomeInTheCountry, stuffed with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. I made pizza the same night, but we kept each going for one of these "pizza rolls" as I called them.


Peanut loves to eat. I knew this as he is a nursing machine, but he seems to love the solids even more. In general, he has liked almost everything I've offered him. I'm so thankful that his nutrition is primarily still from nursing, so I can just offer him this and that, and not worry about if he's getting enough of this or that.


I never imagined that figuring out orientation while making slippers would be such work. It required all the spacial thinking I could muster, and I still ended up goofing. At first, I ended up with 2 left shoes, and then I had a right and a left, but in different colors. After redoing the uppers twice, I finally was able to make a second set so that I now have two sets, one in each color. 


Laundry is not done till its folded and put away, so my mother and flylady say. I'm trying to keep to spending 15 minutes each day just picking up and putting away, and that includes laundry. For such a little guy, Peanut sure has increased the amount of laundry that I do.

So, there is it. A glimpse into a week with Rachael.

round button chicken


  1. Oh, I can sympathize with the laundry. I am so bad about the "putting away" part of the process. I have to just make myself do it all at once or I just let it grow...and grow...

  2. Glad you liked the roll ups :) I can't believe your boy is 6 MONTHS already! He is one handsome fella, you must be loving every minute... I struggle with getting laundry put away, too... I tend to leave piles on my bed which is so annoying come bedtime :)


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