Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sewing without a pattern, and a tutorial

I am NOT one to sew without a pattern. I do very few things without some sort of information, research, or instructions. Not that I always follow the instructions....

But this week, I did two... yes, TWO things sans-pattern.

First off, it struck me to make a dodecahedron. What, in the world, is that? That is a 12-sided figure.  I made a pentagon template and cut out 12 pieces, 3 of each color (4 colors).

Start with one and stick another onto one side. Continue around, stitching pentagons around a central one.

 As you stitch, stitch the adjoining sides together.

You'll eventually have a "bowl" looking figure.

You  now have two options. You can continue to stitch pieces together until you have the ball, then flip it and stuff it. Or you can sew the other 6 pieces together into another bowl, then stitch the two bowls together.

This was the second dodecahedron I stitched. I kept adding pentagons, stitching adjoining sides till I had the ball. The last 3 pentagons added get 3 sides stitched in, and the last one gets 4 sides stitched on.

If you stitch two bowls, then plan to stitch those together, don't do what I did. I lined them up, one in-side out, one right-side out, points to points.

But then I got a star shaped figure. Not a true dodecahedron.

I figured out that I should have lined up points to valleys. I didn't try out, though, so I recommend you do it the first way. Peanut is enjoying the star shaped one, and Hank likes the true dodecahedron, though it is a gift for a nephew (good thing I have more than one, it can still be a surprise for one!). So, I will likely be making more. Plus, it was quick -- one Midsomer Murder episode.

I also jumped at turning a sweater into a cardigan. Cardigans are so much more convenient with nursing, so I picked out 2 sweaters to convert. I followed the instructions here, and also shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length.

The first sweater, and only one so far, that I converted I've had for years and years. I found the fabric at a fabric market in the small town in China that I lived in. I took it to a taylor and had him make a scarf, hat, mittens, and a sweater. I loved this set.  In fact, so much so, that it was my "uniform". A student drew me in this uniform, even. (this is from 2002... so its an actual picture scanned in. Think of that 9 years ago, digital was still a novel idea!)

Here's my new cardigan!  

Now to decide what to do with the little bits left from the sleeves being shortened. I still love these stripes and the colors.  It matches almost everything!

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