Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Busy, busy days

We have stayed quite busy over the past week. Its been a good week overall, as well, which has me feeling pretty good.

I made yogurt. Peanut and I have made a point to have some yogurt each morning at breakfast, and a piece of fruit at lunch. These habits are going well, so far!

Peanut is getting pretty good with getting food into his mouth. He loves to eat, and so far, has liked everything I offered him. We tend to have quesadilla for lunch and Peanut seems to really like them. One day we had strawberries at lunch, but Peanut picked out all the tortilla bits and ate those before eating the strawberries. 

Our kitchen faucet was leaky, and the company sent me a new one. I spent one afternoon replacing the old faucet with the new one. I needed Hubby's help to turn the water off and unscrew a piece and then screw a piece back in, but it took about 30 minutes all told. I'm feeling very handy.

We acquired a boat load of books, and it was creating quite the ordeal in the living room. So I did some changing and organizing. I just moved the shelf at the bottom of the bookshelf so the books sit better.

Next step is clear out the small bookshelf in Peanut's room to set up a toy storage area. I plan to rotate the toys, so not all of them are in the living room at once. Just makes cleaning up easier.

I'm planning to put up new posts on Tuesday, Thursday and sometimes Saturday. I've started on an "internet diet", and posting more than 2 or 3 times a week is just too much. But I love to blog, so I want to keep at it. So, fellow bloggers, how do you balance your on the computer and off the computer time and still get enough sleep? I'm still figuring that out.


  1. well, i try to limit my computer time to my morning coffee. but i don't have a peanut!

  2. You HAVE been busy! :) I have to limit my time online, or I'd never get what I need to get done, actually DONE! Setting at timer works... I have to GET UP to turn it off - surprising how fast the time goes - 30 minutes can feel like 3 if you are engrossed in reading about something interesting.


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