Tuesday, January 10, 2012

True, Beautiful, Good

Before Christmas, Hubby discovered "Two Cellos" on youtube, and received a CD at Christmas. While out running errands today, we had it in CD player. At one point, I thought, "this is art", which got me thinking about what "art" is.

While I was teaching, we often talked about thinking about things that are true, beautiful and good. That seems a pretty good way to determine if something is "art".  Now, I don't propose a logical or scientific definition, as I don't believe there is a 'science' to art -- its an art!

And my thoughts on these things are strongly influenced by my beliefs -- there is one true and triune God, we are sinners and separated from Him, but through his Son, Jesus Christ, we are brought into reconciliation with him. The Bible is His words to us, it is infallible and inerrant in the original manuscripts.

True -- in today's world, discussions are less about what is true and more about "facts". These two areas do overlap, and perhaps they are just the same thing. The feel of the words, the ideas, is so different though. And something in me says they are different.

Beautiful -- oh, this is truly varies between individuals. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for sure. At the same time, how you define "beautiful" can make a difference. I'm not sure I can provide a definition, but I can provide examples. Seeing a father play with his child, where both are happy and laughing is a beautiful thing, though its not the stereotypical "beautiful". And pretty things aren't always beautiful. Many times, little girls are pretty, but not beautiful. And I wouldn't call a father playing with child a pretty thing.

Good -- Ah, if we could all agree on what is good, the world would be a better place, yes?

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I like participating. Life gets in the way sometimes, but I think it is worth making the time to celebrate truth, beauty and goodness. Sure, we must also acknowledge the hard parts, the ugly bits and a dirty things. I know, with confidence, that these hard, ugly and dirty things will be transformed into beautiful, true and good things that will bring glory to God.

Just felt like opining today.


  1. I always enjoy your blog updates Rachael. I especially enjoyed this one and found it to be true, honest, lovely, and good (it had a picture of pizza, how could it NOT be good?!) :)

  2. As I thought about a picture for "good" and as I surfed my picture folders, I saw the pizza and thought, "yep, that's good!"


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