Monday, May 24, 2010

Airline Miles and Magazines

Since moving to Texas, just about all of our airline miles have come up against expiration. We figure that California must have some law against this, since we never saw notices like this while living out west. Moving to Texas apparently means we must choose magazines or let the miles go to the wind.

I've already gotten both our Dads three golf magazines (that makes 6). I got Hubby The Economist, Money, Business Weekly, Wired, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal. I get Martha Stewart living, Afar, Veranda, Woman's Day and Cat Fancy. That's for a total of.... drum roll, please.... 11 magazines! This is all just from our Delta miles.

Today, I got a notice from Midwest. My miles are expiring end of June and I'd better get magazines or the miles go poof. I thought, well, if there is a knitting magazine, I can get something good. But, alas, when I go to view the magazine options, there is nothing of quality. Goodness, I all ready get 4 magazines that are pure fluff and pomp, why add more?

I'm all for less government in my life, but I must admit... it was nice getting to keep my miles and not have to buy magazines to make use of them. I guess I just need to fly more, so I can get enough miles to buy an airline ticket. Hmmm... I wonder where I could go.


  1. I don't think it has anything to do with the state you live in, but more with the fact that the airlines are all changing their miles policies.

  2. Czech Republic. :D
    What kind of system is that? Mind you, I've only flown twice in my life, to the USA and back, so I really do not know what the practice is here, but I don't think it's the same.
    Although, my sister might know, she is or used to be a member of the KLM Flying Dutchman.

  3. don't fret ... most people's miles expire:)


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