Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Garden Work

Gosh, it will be nice when I have mornings to work. Afternoons are hot.... but then, in month, even mornings will be hot... just can't win around here, can you?

Been out working in the garden and gosh am I sweaty. And I'm not done!

But first, I have questions to see if anyone knows. The flowers on my birdhouse gourds are all wilting and dying before blooming. Any ideas what I need to fix?

On my pepper, the joints are all a black color and some have white powder looking spots. On one plant, a few flowers have browned and died, any ideas? On others I have several small, baby peppers.

A picture of blooms from underneath (either chili or cayenne pepper, I forget)

Baby peppers!

This is the best picture of the black stems and wilted flowers I could get:

My sage bush is doing something crazy. Its new the ground (from a friend, was in a pot for the longest time), so the issue might be related to that. From the ground come many multiple branches. Recently, some of those branches have begun to wilt away, leaves, stems and all. I cut off several, but it seems another is doing the same. Hopefully, you can see this in this picture:

Any thoughts?

On the good side, the lettuce is starting to bloom. I like the leafy kinds (not the produce a head kind), so I want those flowers. I'm excited to see what the flowers look like.

This poor guy had this top clean chopped off. I'm not sure what happened.... maybe he will produce a another stalk that can produce flowers.

I'm taking Rhonda's advice (of Down to Earth) and redoing my cinder blocked bed. The two sides I've done so far look so much better than before. Its just beautiful! And I will have more dirt to put over the potatoes... some are showing a bit and that cannot be good. I suspect they will be ready to harvest soon.

The huckleberries are just full of ripe berries. I'll harvest them soon. I think I'll make Basic Huckleberry Sauce, from The Encyclopedia of Country Living.

Okay, off to check on the ribs (on the grill... yum!) and put another row of cinder blocks down. Wish me luck!

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  1. I have only been in Texas a few years so I can't help you with your plants. Do you have like a county extension agent in your county? You might be able to call one of your local feed stores and ask them if they know of someone you can talk to. I would have a tendency to troll the area in my car and look for an older person who has a big garden and just invite yourself to their porch for a chat. If you find the right person, they will help you.

    Last year I planted my garden and didn't water it. It was very strange for me to not do that, but was told by everyone around me to not water it! Between the heavy am dew and the frequent rains, you don't have to. Weird. Anyway, my green beans were planted next to the garden fence and didn't do flowers, nothing, just big plant with great looking leaves. In the fall, the beans started poppinjg out all over the place. We endend up getting 5+ meals in all. Very weird.

    You will have to find another gardener around yoiur area. Go bake a cake and plan on sharing it for info!

    Good luck, sorry I couldn't help, Elaine


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