Saturday, May 15, 2010

Harvesting Beans & other updates

Yeah! I harvested a handful of Uncle Chuck's Beans this morning. They are quite beautiful with their purple and green look.

I have seen 5 little baby sparrows in the nest in the tomato pot. They are so feather-less! We had some chicken eggs hatch at school, and the chicks are quite covered in feathers, but these little guys -- their eyes are still closed and they are pink, pink, pink. I hope I get to see when they start to fly.

The garden is doing great. We got some rain yesterday which wet everything down so nicely and cooled the day off by 20' or so. Today is still cool, though it will be time to button up the house soon. I had to prune the parsley, it was just taking over the area. When those huckleberries are done with (and they have tons and tons of berries on them) and the pepper finishes producing, that will be the dedicated herb bed.

I got a good answer on how to get my cinder blocks straighter and better looking, so I might be re-digging for the bed with cinder blocks soon. And when I'm ready to raise the other beds, I'll do it right the first time.

I'm off to knead the bread again. I should vacuum, too. But all in all, I'm doing much better at the daily routines and keeping up with life. Menu planning has fallen to the wayside, but I continue to strive to use up what is in my pantry and freezer. I have great plans for putting together my own freezer meals, ones we like and I started writing out my process. I'll post it when I get it figured out; I love the idea of freezer meals, but usually we aren't too crazy about the ones I've made from recipes so far. So, my thought is to create freezer meals of the dishes we love, then I will make those more often. Hubby will like that!

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  1. Good morning to you. Just found your blog and look forward to future visits. Your beans look wonderful...imagine they were tasty too!


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