Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Darwin Award for a Squirrel

I have a Darwin Award to hand out. As we were driving to church this morning, I sat peacefully in the passenger seat noting the passing scenery. We've driven that route many times over, so the scenery wasn't unfamiliar to me.

As we drove, I noticed the incline of grass and the chain link fence. Then I saw the quick movement of a small creature, and a squirrel emerged from the tall grass, ran through the chain link fence, down the incline, across the shoulder, across the right lane, directly in line with the passenger side tires. We heard it, the thump-thump, and we felt it. I'm sure he felt the first thump, but I'm guessing he didn't feel the second thump because he had really good aim at getting under the tire.

What inclines an otherwise smart and crafty creature to commit suicide by Anaconda (that's the name of the car). These squirrels have planted many numerous pecan trees (I'm constantly pulling them from flower beds and flower pots), they seem to have fun dodging the feral cats and always find a way to get into the bird feeder. Alas, something, somewhere, somehow inclined this poor fellow to dash into the road to meet Anaconda.

This is the third road kill squirrel I've seen in the past few days. Is there something about the warming days that prompts them to be impetuous? Just glad I wasn't driving.

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