Sunday, May 02, 2010

Birds in the backyard

We mowed yesterday and that always seems to draw birds to the yard (except when we let the grass get really tall, and that draws birds, too!)

This morning, I saw a bird that looked like this:
The Painted Bunting

I wondered if he had fell onto a pallet of paint he was so colorful! I googled "blue head yellow back red breast bird" and discovered that he is called a Painted Bunting. First time I've seen him (or one of them), that was quite a treat.

The sparrow has not abandoned the nest on the porch (in the tomato hanging basket). At last count, I saw 6 eggs in the next. There are tomatoes forming on those plants (I'll give the birds first dibbs on those), and I've tossed some sunflower seed in the planter, also, to feed mama bird. I"m such a sucker for this kind of stuff.

I've seen a mockingbird in our tree, and I've heard a woodpecker somewhere out there. Sounds like he is drumming on metal, though. Will they do that?

Last night was chilly, down to the upper 50s, so windows are open this morning, and the house was down to 67'! I think its about time to close them though to keep in our coolness.


  1. that is a GORGEOUS bird! So glad to hear you're doing well!

  2. That is a beautifully coloured bird. Doesn't God think of all the details in His creation?

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog recently. And yes, we've seen a few painted buntings here in Blanco. They are so beautiful. The colorful ones are always the males; females are quite drab. I hope sometime you can see an indigo bunting. They're stunning too! Do you have any owls? We've got eastern screech owls in our Wildscape. Last year, they raised three babies (see photos of them on my blog). We're waiting to see if we've got more babies this year. They started surfacing in the next box about this same time last year. They are so cute!! Enjoy your summer! Best, sheryl


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