Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Reading Books

I've found in the past few years that I'm reading many fewer books than before. Some of that is that I'm busier than in previous stages of life, and the free time I have is less. This all began with working on a Master's Thesis, and when I had time to read, I was reading for that. Then, I was teaching ESL and had continuing ed style writings to read. Now, if I've got time, I'm knitting (which I can watch TV or listen to something while doing), cooking, cleaning or doing school stuff. Just reading has been all but cut out of my schedule.

This disappoints me. I am a reader and I love to read. As a child, I would devour the library's limit of books each two weeks during the summer and was regularly in the school library. More recently, the last time I had a book out of the library here, I ended up with late fees because I forgot I had the books until they were a few days past due. I'd FORGOTTEN about the books; isn't that sad? As a teenager I'd check out the limit of books at the library if only because I couldn't decide what I was most interested in. More recently, I found myself standing in the non-fiction wondering what I should look at, and browsing the rows not noticing anything that caught my eye. Have I grown more a discerning taste in books, or have I lost the immense curiosity of youth? (not that I'm all that old, yet)

Anyhoo, all this rambling introduction to say I'm thinking I should aim to read more. I have several books started and need only to persevere and make time for them. They are worth it and worth the time to spend reading them. These books range from the science of food, to parenting, to the history of missions, to spiritual disciplines and finally to 'organic' cleaning solutions. I imagine I have much to say about each one, though I should aim to finish reading them before opining on them.

Here's the list... and if you have any thoughts on any of the books I'd love to hear them!

Simplicity Parenting, by Kim John Payne, M.Ed.
Bringing up Boys, by Dobson
The Naturally Clean Home, by Karyn Siegel-Maier
From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya, by Tucker
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, by Donald S. Whitney
On Food and Cooking, by Harold McGee

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  1. I'd like to know what you think about "Simplicity Parenting". I'm reading "Bringing Up Boys" at the moment too, so it'd be fun to compare notes!


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