Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow Day, *Really*

I guess, so I heard, Waco gets snow about once a year -- so far that has panned out true. It seems that old man winter is a cruel old man who seems to forget about us until the end and sends us his "fierce" storms just before winter is done with. Of course, his storms are lessened as they travel south and its really not too bad overall, but seems bad compared to the 80' weather last weekend.

The rain guage is showing about 3 inches of snow at its lowest drift point.

Foot prints are easily two inches deep under the big oak.

 Its a nice blanket of snow. Tomorrow has a high in the upper 40's, so I don't expect it to last beyond then. But we will see!


  1. We probably got about an inch or so of snow. I bundled Huck up and took him outside to check it. That may not have been a great idea because now he has a cold. Parenting fail...

  2. Well, cold weather can't *cause* a cold, but it can make you more vulnerable to one. The poor guy! Well, he's got to get his first one some time, right?


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