Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why I love Saturdays

Why do you love Saturdays so much, you might ask me.  Because you aren't going to work? Because you have the chance to create your own day by what you want to do?  Somewhat and yes.  I love Saturdays because I get to be homemaker on Saturdays; I get to putter around picking up, doing laundry, cleaning a few things, perhaps making bread and doing some sewing or knitting.

At times, I think about spreading out the various chores over the weekdays so that Saturdays will be more free for my hobbies. But by the time I get home in the evenings, get some dinner ready, eat, and clean up, its time to start the bedtime routine and head to bed. Plus, I'm often so tired that I want to do nothing but go to bed. Thus, everything gets pushed to Saturday.  I don't bemoan this too much, as its fun to have a full day of things I enjoy (mostly) doing. [I don't really like to vacuum or hang up laundry.]

Then, at times, I think about what it will be like after Samuel is born. I'll be working much less, if at all (that's still up in the air), which means more time at home. But Samuel will need lots of attention.... so I wonder. I hope to have some semblance of a routine to run from that keeps the house looking relatively nice and still giving me the time to further develop the hobbies (sewing, knitting, gardening). Ah, the big unknowns.  If only we could peek into the future and know what is coming, if only to adjust our expectations.

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