Saturday, August 13, 2011

Being Lazy at Home

As a good friend posted in Google Buzz... being lazy at home.

Well, it feels lazy and fun.  I made pancakes for breakfast (yum!), had toasted pancake with peanut butter and jelly on it for lunch, and planning unbaked southern chicken for dinner (breaded but baked, not fried... quite yummy).

I've watched some Alton Brown videos on, and found a yummy looking recipe for sorbet.

can you tell the one on the right is a hat?
And I put together some patterns. The peanut is in need of some shorts. Well, he doesn't "need" them, but Mama likes to put shorts on him when we go out. She's funny like that. So, a shorts pattern and a pattern for a floppy hat. I saw the floopy hat pattern, for adults and child, in Martha Steward Living, so I was mostly working to size it for a Peanut sized head. I have fabric, but its not been washed yet, so I'll work on making the shorts and hat this week, perhaps.

Hubby finished the comp exams yesterday. YEA!! I have my Hubby back. This week is the week off between comps and the semester starting, so we have some ideas of ways to just get time together. Should be a fun week.

And then, there's Daddy being silly.

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