Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Errand Day and Nap Schedules

Today was Errand Day. Peanut and I ride with Hubby to school and drop him off. Then we do our errands (usually just grocery shopping) and head home. Later that afternoon, we will head back to pick Hubby up from school. And back home for dinner.

In theory, this sounds great. In Large Family Logistics, Brenneman lays out clear goals and objectives for this day, as well as how to prepare for it. Since its only Peanut and I running the errands, I really only need my list(s) and water for me. Thanks to Large Family Logistics, I'm usually fairly well prepared for this day.

In reality, however, it rarely works out so nicely. I'm pretty good at getting the list(s) together the night before, and having the diaper bag ready, and a snack with water for me. The hard part is fitting the running of errands in with Peanut's nap schedule. Brenneman suggests working hard to get home before the littles need a nap. I have yet to achieve this, though.

Yes, he has actually formed a schedule (yeah!). He gets up about 7 am, is up for 2 hours, and then sleeps for an hour. Up for 2 hours, sleep for {about} one hour. He's down for the final nap around 3 and is up around 4 pm. Then down for the night at 7 pm. (He still nurses 2 or 3 times over night; luckily one nursing time is before I head to bed). If I tried to fit the errands in the 2 hours between naps, that only gives me about an hour after the time given to nursing. Near impossible when the nearest store, Walmart, is about 20 minutes away.

Errand day usually runs like this: Peanut is up at 7 pm, we leave about 730 to 8 am. Drop Hubby at school, get to store #1 between 800 and 820. Spend 30 to 40 minutes in store. Nurse sitting in back seat of car. Head to store #2.... rinse and repeat. If we have only 1 store to stop at, we might be home about 9, and Peanut gets his nap relatively on time. Should I have more than 1 store to stop at, we might not get home till 1030 or 11, which means first nap is lost, Peanut is overly tired and Mommy is hungry for lunch. Alas, I've not figured out a good way to do this.

Also, some stores I want to stop at don't open till 9 or 10 am. Not figured out how to do that, yet, either.

I'm hoping that as Peanut matures, he will be awake for longer periods of time, which will mean I can get errands done and be home by 11, with only have missed part of a nap (not the whole nap). But then, Little Bobble is a year old and she makes it only about 2 hours before showing signs of sleepiness. It might be that Errand Day is just a wonky and difficult day till all children are down to single afternoon naps. Ah, well, I can handle that.

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