Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ubiquitous Ingredients

Well, milk, milk solids, and whey might not be truly ubiquitous ingredients, but its close.  I've talked about giving up dairy for my little peanut. Turns out its more than merely dealing with fussiness. With our pediatrician, we made an educated guess about the source of the intestinal irritations the little boy was dealing with.

So, I am eliminating all milk and milk products from my diet. Anything with milk, or milk derivatives, is out. And goodness, milk derivatives are in near everything. Its a touch scary. If this doesn't work, its eggs next, then soy. If I have eliminate soy.... well, that is in everything.

So far, I've gotten margarine to replace my butter. I used mustard on my sandwich instead of miracle whip. And no chocolate for me. :::frowny face:::  Luckily, peanut butter doesn't have an milk products in it.

I'm off to get creative, and figure out some new things to make that don't have milk in the list of ingredients.

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  1. My sister-in-law had to go off dairy - and soy! - for almost a year for her second baby. It was hard! She found that coconut milk and coconut oil were incredibly useful in providing wholesome dairy substitutes. If you like coconut, it's definitely worth looking into!
    And lots of dark chocolate doesn't have dairy in it! :)


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