Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It began... and is continuing

Day 1, 9 am: The little peanut cried loudly for about an hour. Then slept an hour.  That was hard listening to him.
Day 1, 1 pm: Peanut cried for 10 minutes, and not nearly as loudly as before. Much easier. Then he slept for an hour.
Day 1, 5 pm: He cried for about 10 minutes. Then was out for 3 hours! I think he thought that was the beginning of "night", not a nap.
Day 1, 9 pm: Had a bath, nursed for an hour (its a bedtime routine...). No fussing.

Day 2, 9 am: Peanut cried for 2 minutes, maybe. It might have been less. I could hear him for longer, but he wasn't fussing.
Day 2, 1 pm: No crying. Stayed asleep when he was put down.

So, far this seems to be getting easier. Perhaps my little guy is a fast learner? In this, yes, he is.... but has yet to figure out how to hang on to a pacifier.

I wanted to clarify, that I'm not worried about "spoiling" him by going in and picking him or comforting when he fusses. I think you can be a strick "cry it out" parent and still spoil your child. And you can be a softy, like me, and not spoil them. This is, almost purely, for my sanity. When I get frustrated and impatient with the baby because this is the 3rd time in 20 minutes I've gone back in to comfort him, that is bad for him. This is all about helping me be a good mom. I don't think it help me not spoil him, or help him learn discipline. On the other hand, being a good mom is what will help the little guy grow up to be a mature, responsible man. That, of course, is a subject for another post. Or perhaps a book.


  1. Day 2, 230 pm: I had to wake the little guy early to go pick up Hubby. When we got home, Peanut was up for a bit, but I could tell he was tired-sleepy. So, he nursed for a bit, and fell asleep. And stayed asleep on my shoulder. And promptly opened his eyes when I laid him down. He fussed hard for a bit, then calmed, then fussed again. On and off for 45 or so minutes. :::sigh::: I spoke too soon about it getting easier.

  2. You'll be thankful if he never takes to a pacifer. That means no trying to wean him from it later on! Leah never took to the pacifer, while other of my friend's babies did. They had lots of trouble weaning their children from pacifers, while I was so thankful that I never had to!
    --Leslea Vardy Underwood


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