Friday, August 05, 2011

Officially declaring WAR!

I am a zoologist, and I love all things living (plants included!). But when you invade my home turf, that is an act of aggression and means WAR. The occasional excursion is permitted, though the scout may find themselves flatter than previously. But when there are lines of the critters from phylum Arthropoda as they trek in mass from from local to another, that is too far.

Likely due to the extreme heat and dryness, ANTS have invaded my home. I've found them in my kitchen, in the pantry, and in both bathrooms. I keep a fairly clean house; no its not perfect, but I don't leave food out and open (except fresh fruit and that I've stopped because of the fruit flies). I don't have piles of wet towels or clothes. I clean out my sink each night and I've started drying it as well. And we water the foundation and the garden every other day (soaker hoses, trying hard not to waste any water), so there is water outside despite the lack of rain.

Ants -- I've announced it in the house. Yes, verbally and out loud. If you come into my house, you will likely die. Yes, I will squish you mercilessly, I might try to drown you (which isn't as effective), I might even *gasp* poison you (in a wise manner, not where the baby or the cat has access). This is war, and when it comes to defending my home, don't expect any mercy.

There, I've said it. Now it begins.

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  1. Friends of ours here had to literally rip out walls and carpeting last month because they had ants nesting IN their walls! Good for you for getting on top of that right away. I have no clue how to deal with it, though - hope you win the war!!!


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