Sunday, November 06, 2011

Book Review: Board Books of Various Types

We were given a slew of board books as baby gifts. I was so excited to see my basket of books grow and expand. Here are some of our favorites. The opinions presented are merely my observations of Peanut and Little Bobble as they "read" the books.

Hubby's cousin gave us a stack of Sandra Boynton books.  My favorite is Belly Button Book

But Snuggle Puppy is also loved. This one is apart of our nightly routine. 

Little Bobble loves Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can you? 

and The Shape of Me 

Some friends gave us My World, which Little Bobble loves. But I can't find it on Amazon.

Both Peanut and Little Bobble love Peek-A-Boo
 The words describing the faces are in both Spanish and English.

Perhaps Peanut's favorite is a fabric book that has cellophane in the pages, so it crinkles. Its called Where is my Belly Button?, by Jelly Cat. But I can't find it on Amazon to get a picture.

We have a slew more Dr. Suess board books, and several more Boynton books (I think Hubby likes Hippos Go Berserk 
 the best. They count the hippos and add them up; correctly.)We have more than can be appreciated at this point by an almost 6 month old and a 18 month old.

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