Monday, November 07, 2011

Pintrest and such sites

I really enjoy sites that allow you to track what you like. For example, when amazon put out their universal wish list button, I grabbed it. I'm regularly adding things to my amazon wish list from other sites. And then I also use diigo to bookmark web pages with tags. Much better than just using the bookmark folder in chrome, I think.

Recently, I also signed up for Pintrest. At this site, one can keep track of stuff they like by "pinning" pictures of liked things to topical boards.  Here is my set of "boards":

I see an interesting trend. I have 6 boards: "Products I love", "Favorite Places & Spaces", "Entertainment", "For the Home", "Food", and "My Style". Only 3 actually have anything pinned to them! Can you guess which ones? Yes, "For the Home" is one. And... yep, "Food" is one. You got it, "Entertainment" is the third.  Can you tell what is important to me?


  1. Hey! Are you still using Pinterest?

  2. Yep, still using it. And loving it still!


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