Thursday, November 17, 2011

In a week...

We ordered a new wireless router on Sunday evening. The current one died Monday morning. What timing!

Peanut is feeling better from his ear infection (antibiotics are amazing). I start feeling crappy on Tuesday. Either a cold or allergies. Either way, its miserable.

Peanut will sit long enough to get a picture!
He in the process of pushing/falling backwards. 

I think he's having fun!
And even though Peanut isn't crawling (not that he isn't trying), he still gets around. Check out these time elapsed photos (I didn't move anything between, I promise).
When I first put him down to play. I offered tiger, elephant, book and bumblebee. He chose bumblebee.

You notice where gorilla started out. He's wearing the blue hat in the above picture.

Now notice that gorilla has moved again.
As of this evening, the red bear has lost his sweater, and zebra is missing a few tail hairs. I know this because I found them on Peanut.

It is so much fun watching him grow and develop. I'm so excited to see him crawl and yet I'm dreading it. Gone will be the days when I can set him down and know he will be in about the same spot when I come back!

PS. I'd said I'd donate half my net profits from Saturday to COTA for Leah Grace. I netted about $100, so that $50 more to be matched!

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  1. I recognize that shirt! Peanut has good taste in clothes!


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