Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, after a busy weekend

This weekend was a bit crazy. I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday getting ready for the craft fair Saturday. Friday afternoon, I got Peanut in to see the doc, as I though he was sick. He was diagnosed with a mild ear infection, but we were told to wait and see. Many ear infections are viral, so that would clear up on its own. If it was bacterial, we'd know by Sunday. And we were graciously given a paper prescription, just in case.

Saturday was spent selling various canned goods (we did good!).

Sunday we chilled at home, to see how the Peanut was doing, and we were exhausted anyways. By Sunday afternoon, we figured out that the ear infection was not viral, so we got the prescription filled.

Today has been filled with laundry mostly. I can tell Peanut is feeling better after a day's worth of amoxicillian doses. For the past week, he's been taking looooonnnnngggg naps, twice a day. Today, however, he's slept for 30 minutes about noon. His norm is about 3 30 minute naps a day. And he's been playing hard in the living room. All over the small play area I've created.  Take a look at this....

Peanut started out on the quilt. He moved himself (not crawling, yet, though) to grab the gorilla (its the black fuzzy animal), which was sitting next to the red bear originally, dragged the gorilla around, chewing on it. Then he found the white basket, and moved it around while chewing on it. He's ruffled the quilt, pulled the hat off of Yurtle the Turtle (that's the blue thing under Peanut's left arm) and just seems to be having a great time.  For not crawling, he sure can get around. And he must be feeling better. And not really wanting to be held. My little boy is sure growing up.

He must get his energy level from me. Great, I'm doomed!


  1. Hi--I don't know which is 'worse'....a baby that rolls, moves & crawls early (like our son rolling from 6 mos) and is into everything......or one that sits and throws the toys everywhere and then cries because she has nothing to play with (like our daughter who only crawled at 10 months)!

    Enjoy these days....they grow up so fast.

  2. Poor little fella having an ear infection :( It's so sad them they are sick... I'm shocked how fast he's growing up and getting around... time really doesn't stand still. *sigh* Good work selling your wares - it feels really satisfying to do that, doesn't it?


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