Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Sleep Sack

I finally got to make something from my birthday book "Growing Up Sew Liberated". Since Samuel is escaping the swaddling these days, I figure he needed something better to sleep in, so I made the baby sleep sack. I used a t-shirt of Hubby's that he doesn't wear, and arranged the pieces so the logo is on the upper chest. 

I decided to use the neck binding from the t-shirt,though I learned there really isn't quite enough binding for the neck line for the sleep sack. I made it work for this one, but next time, I'll buy some knit binding for the neck lines.

I did one goof, and had to rip out the sleeves and redo the body pieces. I miss understood when she, the author, said to put the back piece on top. I thought that was when I had them face down on the table and was pinning them together. Actually, it means when the child is wearing it, the back layers on top the front piece. Anyhoo, I got it right the second time.

I'm quite proud of myself. It's the first time I've made something from a book, and I think it came out nicely. Now to send it through the wash to get the fabric marker off, and Samuel can wear it to sleep in!

I'm also thinking ahead and realize he will need something heavier when it gets colder. Its only cold here for about 2 to 3 months, but it's cold enough to need a few extra clothes. The heater drops to 58' at night, or that's what we've set it at before, which means a very warm blanket or two at night. I think I'll make a few sleep sacks from a heavy material, flannel or fleece, a tad longer to account for layering underneath, and a drawstring  instead of elastic around the bottom. That way, we can cinch it a bit more closed to keep in warmth.

Those who have clothes babes in a chilly house, I'd love to hear how you did it. What did you layer? Did your babies sleep with a blanket?

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