Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cuties, sleep sacks and wraps

The cutest little guy... in his high chair. I love this chair. It reclines so we've had Samuel sitting with us at dinner anytime he's awake. As often as not, he wants to be held or wants to nurse, so he might not stay in the chair all that long, but he's getting used to it.

Samuel seems to like the sleep sack. The downside is its a tad short.  In the book, its marked "0-6 months". The kid is just over 2 months old and the sack is too short. Luckily, its warm enough now that its no biggy, but I'll make some longer ones for when the weather cools (and house does also).

With having colic, he does not like to be laid down (it is getting better, I think, but there is a ways to go). He has demonstrated that he doesn't like the wrap as he thrashes and cries until he falls asleep. On a whim, I tried facing him outwards. Moby wrap instructions say not to do this until the child has good head control at about 4 or 5 months. Samuel's head control isn't too bad, so I gave it a try. The child seems to really enjoy it! (sorry about the flash in the mirror, Hubby is gone to school and this was how I figured to get a picture)

He can kick and wave his arms all he wants with little restriction. It gets a bit hot after a while (easy to do when the house is only a/c'd to 80'), but it seems a good deal for the time being. I'm gonna try vacuuming with him like this when he is up from his nap (in the swing... :P).


  1. Samuel sounds exactly like my oldest son (who is now 20!). He hated to be facing in, and he disliked his car seat (and any other confinement for that matter). He loved to be facing out so he could see everything and learn about life. He was (and is) a very bright boy - always wanting to learn and do things for himself from a VERY early age. Sounds like you have a bright little button there!

  2. With your sleep sack, you can add a panel to lengthen it instead of making a new sack. Cut it in two (horizontally) a few inches above the bottom elastic, and insert a coordinating fabric stripe to add about 4-5 inches in length to the garment. this will add length, and a stripe, and you'll avoid re-sewing an elastic casing! :)

  3. ooooo, good idea! I was going to make more to have more, but adding a panel will make it useful longer. Thanks!

  4. I have the Moby wrap too! Julian loved it...Jack seems to like it but right now while it is so warm I use the Baby Bjorn instead (I like the Moby better though, I think it is much more comfortable for me and for baby.) I never tried the facing out with the Moby, I'll try it with Jack once it is cooler!


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