Monday, July 25, 2011

Salmon Croquettes vs Tuna croquettes

I found a recipe for salmon croquettes several months ago on Food Renegade. Salmon is more expensive than tuna, so I made the croquettes with tuna. We like them quite a bit. Recently, I got some canned salmon and tried out the croquettes with the salmon. I made half with salmon and half with tuna.

I think the salmon comes in smaller pieces, as the croquettes made of salmon stayed together better. Plus, the salmon blended with the other flavors better than did the tuna. The tuna was just stronger in flavor and overpowered the veggies (and onion & pepper are not weak).

The tuna certainly wasn't bad, and for those on a budget, the tuna is a better deal.

Also please note, I didn't use "organic" or "no additive" (not sure how Worcestershire sauce can be additive free, that's what its all about, the many subtle flavors?), I just used what I had. I used simple veggie oil to fry them, as well.

I learned something new making these, as well. I always wondered about rolling the patties in bread crumbs and then frying. I thought it was for looks or some such, so I often skipped it. Something inspired me to coat some in bread crumbs this time and some not. Those coated in bread crumbs stayed together better when frying and flipping. As Hubby said, just because you don't know why doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, especially when following a recipe. (something I don't do so well at)

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