Sunday, July 24, 2011

Colic. Really?

So, last night's post ended rather abruptly. We figured out that the fussiness and crankiness was likely colic (though I think its a mild form based on the stories I've heard), I was tired from a long day of holding, rocking and singing to a crying baby, and I wanted to get that post finished. Does that ever happen to anyone else?

Anyhoo, even if it is colic, I still think its a good idea to rate your days and plan the low-key days around the high-action days, and make sure most days are run-of-the-mill days. I bet that makes the fussy days fewer and the happy days more, even for a fussy child. I have no direct experience, but my "mother-sense" says this makes sense.

And I've decided I'm not gonna feel bad about letting Samuel nap in the swing, even if it uses the batteries a bit faster, if that means he gets some decent sleep during the day. I'll try the crib first, and maybe even second, but the kid, and mom, need a nap sometimes.

Speaking of which, I'm off for a nap! Happy restful, refreshing Sunday to all.

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