Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Samuel's Bedtime story

Samuel has a story to tell....

Hi folks --  I know my mom writes all the time about what I'm doing, but I wanted to tell you this story. She took pictures for me, even, since I'm still learning all the words I need to tell the story well.

One of my favorite things to do is take a bath. I get to take baths in the evening, when I'm getting ready for bed. I get so excited when I figure out that its bath time.

Even the kitty comes to take a bath, too. But he never actually gets in.

And, when that moment comes....

And I get in the bath...

I have *sooooooo* much fun splashing!

Even though the kitty comes to take a bath, he doesn't even like to get wet. But I'm such a good splasher, the kitty can't sit just on the side of the tub... nope, he has to sit farther off!

After a while I get tired, and a bit cranky, which means its time to get out. Mommy puts me on the towel and wraps me all up.

She even insists on giving me a "baby massage" afterwards and rubs smelly lotion on me. If she takes too long I let her know. I'm ready to eat at this point and I'm HUNGRY, 'cause I just splashed out all my energy in the bath tub.

But, after she *finally* gets me swaddled up (not my arms, though, I don't like that), and I get a chance to nurse for a nice looooooooong time, I'm ready to sleep for the night.

I'm working on sleeping longer, but I still get hungry-hungry every few hours.

That's my story for you. Hope you liked it!

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