Monday, July 25, 2011

Going sans-dairy, and sans-coffee, and sans....

So far, I've given up coffee and other caffeinated beverages for the baby. I did this during pregnancy, so its not new for me.

Two folks suggested dairy as a possible source of the colic (i.e. the baby is very fussy, but we have no idea why diagnosis). So, because its worth it, I'm giving up dairy for the next week.

This morning, I made a bagel, since the Cheerios with honey and milk is out (dairy), and smeared a nice portion of cream cheese on the two beautifully toasted sides. Alas, Hubby says... dairy. I consider lunch and think of a nice, cheesy tortilla. Dairy. Pizza? Dairy. yogurt? Dairy. Ice cream? Dairy. I ended up having scrambled eggs sans cheese in a tortilla with salsa.

Dairy permeates most of my food choices. I LOVE things made with milk. In fact, when it comes to drinks, give me a milk shake, a milk-based frap, a made-with-milk iced coffee, a glass of milk! This is rough folks. Rough. I'm gonna have to get creative here.

My spirit was so trodden down by the prospect of no dairy for the next several days, I had a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips. That will raise one's spirits any time.


  1. Guess there's no risk of you going vegan, huh?

  2. no chance. Plus with all I'm not eating, meat and eggs are a big part what's left. Yes, there are plants, but I can't fill up on those (perhaps I'm being stubborn?)

  3. How's the diet adjustment going? Is Samuel reacting yet to the lack of dairy? Hang in there!


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