Monday, July 04, 2011

Baby Stuff and Books

As you might guess, my mind is very focused on BABY right now. I find it hard to think about, much less talk about anything but the baby. (I just realized, I've done almost all video and no stills of recent. Gonna have to fix that).

Isn't he just cutest and brightest baby you ever saw? Of course, he is. He slept longer last night than ever before, so that's very exciting and he's started the social smile, which makes play time even better. He still has a hard time going to sleep; I've started following a nap time and bed time routine which seems to help some, though its still a tad early to tell.

I continue to work on diapers, though I'm going to switch to making soakers for now. I counted the full stash and we have enough diapers, when Samuel upgrades a size, for me to do laundry on Monday and Thursday (not every other day). But, we will need more soakers as most of the diapers are prefolds.

Also, for my birthday, I picked up some new books that I'm excited about. They are:
Large Family Logistics
Growing Up Sew Liberated
The Edible Front Yard
Martha Steward Homekeeping Handbook

I promise to offer opinions and a review of each one. I'm almost finished with The Edible Front Yard and Large Family Logistics. The Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook hasn't arrived yet (3rd party seller -- got it cheap!), and I want to sew a few things from Growing up Sew Liberated before commenting on it (I've looked at all the projects).

Any exciting books or babies for you?

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