Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pretty, happy, funny, real


I inherited my Mom's spoon collection when she died. She had nearly 100 spoons, I'm guessing. I'm not one who loves to polish them, and it took me a year to do, but I got rid of most of them. I saved some of the spoons to just use (soup spoons, small ones for yogurt), but these I saved to display. I believe many the spoons, my Mom inherited from her Mom (so, my Grandma). There's even one that has "Scott A Deewall Jan 15, 1962" etched into it. That's my uncle who died many years ago. I like getting to look at those spoons, notice the beauty of the silver, and think of my Mom.


Had to give 2 for happy -- I got cheerios to have for breakfast. I *LOVE* cheerios and will eat bowls and bowls of them if given the chance.

And, we finally got the shelves put up in the nursery. Only took us a month once I figured out where I wanted them (figuring that out took a month before that).


I caught Samuel playing with the elephant the other night. This is the first time I've seen him play with something, not just look at it, or have Mommy manipulate it for him. I think he was just kicking for fun when he kicked the elephant, which will jingle with a bell in the ball and the rings clank together. I watched him as he stopped for a moment, then raised 1 foot to kick the elephant again. And again. And again. Now, he will try to kick the elephant if he's awake when I put him down.


The lack of rain and the heat are killing even the weeds. That green patch in the back is where the septic tank sprays its excess water, and we water the foundation (thus weeds around the house) and the peppers in the garden. We are not "yard" people, so it doesn't get watered and merely mowed occasionally as needed. Last summer that meant about every 2 weeks the weeds were big enough that it was looking meadowish, and it got mowed. This year, Hubby hasn't had to mow at all. My Dad mowed when he was here in May, and Hubby's Dad mowed when he was here in June. And that's it. I've also noticed that the "in season" veggies haven't hit their in-season low prices this summer. We need rain, badly. A break from 106' heat would be nice, too.

I look forward to reading other's {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} posts!
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  1. Hi, Rachael! About the spoons - I think now that you have a manageable amount of spoons, you can enjoy them, whereas before all you could think of was what a drag it is to polish. Seems to me you did the right thing.
    I ate Cheerios the whole time I was growing up - now I'm a Chex girl!

    Blessings to you -

  2. ROFLOL about the cheerios! I ate them constantly during my 3rd pregnancy! I'd even pass up ice cream for a bowl of cheerios in that pregnancy :) I can't believe the heat you have! You must not be able to go outside much - especially with a baby. What are your typical fall temps?

  3. Fall temps are much more reasonable. By end of Sept, nights are into mid and low 70s, which means open windows overnight! By Dec, its too chilly to open windows at night. Its only April to Aug that is unbearable! But it means a near year-round growing season.


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