Thursday, April 01, 2010

Cat Condos, open windows and geckoes

We recieved some packages from a popular internet company.... and you guess who? I decided to make a cat condo, based on something I'd seen on another website. So I pulled out the "duck" tape (duck brand, not duct type), scissors and box cutter and went at it. So, what do you think?

Hank hasn't done much with it so far, and I'm not sure I expect him to hang out in it too much, but it was cute getting him in it if only briefly.

Today is the first day this year that outside is cooler than inside, and its still a nice temp outside. Inside was registering low 70s according to the various thermometers I have posted around, and, and the outside thermometer, register it low 60s outside. So, as the tightwads we are, I opened windows to cool inside off in prep for the the warm day that it is likely to be. Low and behold, look what I found...
Not sure what incubated in that, but I'm not sure I want to know. I do believe the previous owners NEVER opened the windows, as filthy as the part between window and screen are. I cleaned out the two side dining room windows this morning. The large middle one was cleaned last fall and still looks like.

In the living room window, we've had this little guy living between the window and screen for a while.

I wish I had a better zoom in camera, but I'm sure you get the idea. There is a second gecko that I felt brush my fingers when I opened the window (that scared me!), but it is hiding somewhere. I'm sure one or both will find their way into the house at some point, when I will scoop them up and deposit them outside. These guys eat tons of bugs... how can I do away with something like that?

I've also decided to bring Sucralose home for the weekend (4 day weekend with Easter) -- that's the sugar glider. He might spend a fair bit of time in the garage if he is noisy, noisy at night, or if he stinks (seems to be better as I get the cage and stuff it in really clean), or if Hank takes too much interest in him. I'd rather not have to announce to a class of 10 year-olds that my cat killed their new found favorite animal.

BTW, Hank is loving the open windows!

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  1. That was dirt dobber nest. We get them all over the place - they (the bugs) aren't supposed to hurt you, but they look too much like a wasp for me to know the difference!


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