Thursday, April 29, 2010

Complaints and agrivations


A friend pointed me to this garden grant contest:!/yestocarrots

I thought, great, my school can use the money, we are working on building a school garden. I got all excited, got others excited, even recruited a few younger students to write a paragraph about they want in a new school garden.

Then, I bother to read the fine print. Its open to PUBLIC schools only. They have this no where on the main pages; no, you have to go to the "rules and regulations" to find this out. Perhaps I should of gone there first, always read fine print first.

Oh, well. Very unhappy and I want to complain. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to leave a comment on their facebook page (hmmm....), so I'll go look for an email method. Do they think that private schools just have all this money floating around? do they think we can grow our own money trees? My students are just as deserving as any other to have a school garden. BA HUMBUG!

I hope all my facebook buddies read this and chose NOT TO BUY ANYTHING from "Say yes to carrots". They don't deserve it.

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