Monday, April 05, 2010

Garden Updates

I've done tons over the past weekend and today. I saw a blog talk about keeping a garden journal, which I do, where I keep notes about what I do and how it turns out. But she also mentioned making drawings of the garden and its layout. I enjoy drawing, so I took a swing:

It was fun to do while watching TV.

I also worked out back a fair bit today. I hug the tomato pots and repotted a few items on the back porch:

I also dug 3 hills for the butter squash, cucumber, and mixed gourds. Here is the final view of the back yard from the dining room window.

That's the compost bin in the back, then the lettuce/onion/carrot bed, then the tomato/pepper bed, then the herb and huckleberry bed, and without boards, the potato bed. The dirt spot closest is just what's left over from the scoop that sat there for a week before we got the dirt (mostly clay) onto the beds. To the right you can see 3 small mounts of dirt. Furthest back in the butter squash (like pumpkin), then cucumber, then mixed gourds.

And I have to brag about my lettuce, which is doing beautifully, even after getting flooded 3 times this past winter (after the seed was out).

Boy, am I tuckered out this evening. I declared dinner OYO (on your own) and have been spacing on the couch since. I'm working on my knitting and thinking about what to put on the telly to keep myself awake till a decent bedtime (after 8 pm, I think would be best).

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