Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gardening Questions

Several questions about gardening... well, maybe two. If you have answers, please tell me!

1. The tomato plants in the hanging baskets are already producing flower buds. But the tomato plants in the veggie bed are still small. Why the difference? Its with soil warmth? Is it soil pH? the hanging pots are using just normal potting soil with compost and bagged manure mixed in. Garden soil is ground dirt plus compost and bagged manure. Our ground is lots of clay... and so alkaline, and tomatoes like more acidic. I figured these two possible reasons, both get about the same amount of sunlight, though the pots are more sheltered and nights are still a tad chilly (upper 40s, low 50s).

2. The Red Malabar still hasn't sprouted! the other seeds I stuck in pots at the same time are already transplanted into their spot in the yard, but this hot weather "spinach" isn't doing squat. Maybe its just not hot enough yet (seeds all from same place, SSE, at same time). I should do some more research on this.

Okay, only 2 questions. Anyhoo -- any thoughts? Any one? (I'll get pictures of the tomatoes up a bit later today.)

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