Saturday, April 10, 2010

You can tell its a Saturday!

Only because of my several posts in one day! That really only happens on Saturdays.

Two trees I must show off. Mr. Pecan is a volunteer that showed up in my flower pot on the porch. I guess I have Monsieur Squirrel to thank for that. I found another pecan volunteer, but that one didn't make the cut. It is in the compost pile now.

This is Senor Tree (not sure how to put the ~ over the 'n'). He is a Giant Sequoia, but is still a baby -- about 3 years old now. He has done very well with the move to Texas (from California) and with our unusually cold winter. Though, I think the winters his species is designed for are colder, but he would normally be covered completely in snow and nicely sheltered. Anyhoo, he has done well.

Finally, I got the cinder blocks for my first truly and completely raised bed. Poor Anaconda (that's the car) was weighted down big time with 18 8x8x16 blocks. But she got them home and I set up the bed today. That bed has potatoes in it, and I'll fill in the bed as summer goes on. I've read you are suppose to do that for potatoes anyways, so they produce more potatoes.

I also made bread today. A Saturday tradition is being developed. But today... I let the bread rise for too long, I think. What do you think?

And now pictures of the tomatoes. The ones in the hanging pots are growing big time and have lots and lots of leaves. The tomatoes in the garden, however, are still small. Pictures here....

Any thoughts?

For this evening, I'm on kitchen duty and I need to some major picking up. Our house is looking very 'lived in' right now. Ah, yes, a nice cup o' tea and a bit of puttering around.


  1. There is something lovely about baking bread and having two new trees to baby! Glad you stopped by C&L! gail

  2. How did the bread go? Was it over-leavened, or was it fine?

  3. The bread turned out very nice, though more crumbly than in the past. I'm guessing that's from letting it rise too much. But it sure tasted good!


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