Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sucralose (& worm farms)

Here he is... the one, the only.... Sucralose!

And what he does best is hide. Yep, hide out in his pouch...

... or even in my pocket. I think its the light, he doesn't like light, perhaps because he is a nocturnal animal.
He is home for the weekend, since it is a 4 day weekend. Hank has taken an interest in him, so he will spend a fair bit of time in the garage. I think this precludes summers here. I guess I'll have to find someone else. Also realized, as I have him home in a different cage (the aviary is too big for the car), its the cage that stinks! I have been working hard to de-stink Sucralose and everything in the cage, but never thought about the cage itself. Hmmmm.... that's going to take some thought.

Hubby and I were in the garage doing some spring cleaning and setting up shelves, and with the garage door open and the lights on, the Mayflies were swarming in. Hubby has just started catching them to kill them when we thought of offering one to Sucralose. Wow, did he go after that! We gave him about 10 or so Mayflies and he gobbled them down quickly... though not the legs. He went after the raisins I offered him earlier also, but not like this! I'm not sure I should share this revelation to the students, I'm afraid of the number and types of bugs that may arrive in the classroom and the Grammar 4 teacher isn't the boldest when it comes to critters.

Finally, I got my worm farm at school all set up and worms added. Its very exciting. I have many ideas of how to use it for teaching about food cycles, recycling, composting, ecology, etc. Everybody loves seeing Surcalose, I hope they like the worms at least half as much. :P

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