Sunday, April 04, 2010

Good movies

I'm all about promoting good movies. I don't see ones that are crazy impactful, drawing tears, making me want to boo certain characters, be afraid of other and yell for yet others. This movie was extremely effect at manipulating my emotions to cry, rejoice, disdain, and hope, and I really enjoyed it.

A friend from school told me about this movie: Ink. Its an indy film, with excellent acting and amazing light effects. The story is very good vs. evil, with eternal destinies in the balance.

Jurassic Park is also a good movie for completely different reasons, and I'm disappointed that Netflix doesn't have it, at all. No DVD, no instant. Nada. Bummer on you Netflix.


  1. i was looking at that movie on netflix but it looked to boring so i kinda passed it over.

  2. OOOOO.... go back to it, its good!


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