Thursday, April 08, 2010

Week of April 5

whew... been a crazy week so far, and its only Thursday!

I had Monday off, which was beautiful. Tuesday was our last day of Bible Study for this spring, nothing more till next fall. I got tons done at school on Wednesday. Today I hope to get lots done around the house and at school. Speaking of which, I should get started on my day, it is nearly 8 am!

Last weekend I made bread again. I really enjoy making bread, and its good exercise. I tried using, for 1/2 the flour, whole wheat flour. The loaves came out very nice, and very yummy. They are much more "wheaty" than the all white flour loaves.

I saw a picture where the baker had put the slice in the top down the middle of the loaves, instead of diagonal across the loaves. So I thought I'd try that. You can see that it resulted in the top layer of the loaf splitting wide open. The loaves still taste good, and that's what counts..... but they don't fit in the toaster now.

The kitty has gone wacky this week. With cool nights and mornings, but warm days, I've been opening windows to get a breeze (trying to put off using the a/c for as long as possible). This means opening the guest bed room door, which extends the kitty running track by several feet. I think Hank also likes the open windows and will race from the dining room, through the living room, into the guest bed room, into the guest bed room window and then back to the dining room window. Then he will run to the master bed room window, and then turn around and dash back to the dining room window. He will repeat this, with slight variations including a run into the office, or to pounce on one of us as we cross his path, many multiple times a day. It's a ton of fun to watch. I see he has found something in the front entry way. I should go see what it is, just in case it is something to paper-toweled up and thrown away.

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